Forest Animals


There was one. Once upon a time, the griddle in the straw, the elves playing ball in the old baths … I said that tree, you say that slope, flew flew a bird flew; bird did not fly, silver flew. Silver didn’t fly, Memis flew. Not only did it fly or not; my mother fell from the threshold, my father fell from the cradle … One grabbed the tong, one took the oak; I wandered around the four corners.

In one of the old times, there was a forest behind the big mountains. In this jungle, many animals lived, especially the lion king of the forests. The lion, the king of the forests, roars violently every morning as the sun rises, which makes the animals living in the forest tremble. One day, monkeys, squirrels, deers, gazelles, kangaroos, rabbits and other animals met among them; “Every morning I wonder which one of us will eat the lion will live in fear?” They finally gathered their courage and decided to go before the lion:

– “Dear king, we have agreed, decided. Thanks to you, we’re tired of waiting for one of us to die tomorrow. Instead of experiencing the fear of death every day, we will sacrifice one of us every day. So you will not be tired, and we will not live with fear every day. ”

When Aslan heard this, he was very pleased and very pleased. He enjoyed eating his prey every morning. One day, it’s time for our little rabbit to become a victim. The little rabbit wants to live so badly, he doesn’t want to be a bait to the lion himself. Every passing hour was pushing the lion’s patience, and the rabbit was insisting on not going. In the end, the rabbit decided to go, in front of the lion. The lion’s belly was ringing, so it was quite angry for the rabbit to be late.

– “You already have a tiny soul, and you’re too late to be ashamed? Where were you until this hour? ”He roared at the tiny rabbit.

Little bunny twisted his neck:

– “My dear king! I came across a lion on the way to you in the morning, I told him I was going to our king. He said that he was king and said unspeakable words to you, I hardly saved my life. ”
The lion king was very upset with this situation, and he almost got into cubes.

– ay Wow arrogant wow! he roared. Probably thirsty, I’ll go and punish him with my strong claws. ”

The rabbit and the lion set out together to find the other lion. After a while they reached the head of a deep well.

Little Bunny:

– “My dear king! The arrogant, evil and unorthodox lion, who does not know himself, is at the bottom of this well! ”

When the lion leaned slightly into the well, he saw his own opposite on the surface of the water and thought it was another lion, and began to roar. As the lion roars, the sound in the well echoes and comes up more intensely. The lion was furious and suddenly jumped into the ice water well. But what is that! There was no lion at the bottom of the well, nothing. The lion understood that the rabbit was in his game, but it was too late.

Forest Animals Short Stories


Under a tree, a caterpillar was
attached to the
Eye of the giraffe , which had eaten the leaves on the branches, extending its long neck,
slowly moving across the tree’s huge trunk.
The giraffe could not stand and called out:

I’m sorry, Mr. Caterpillar,
so hard with the intention of eating a leaf . You will
pass through the trunk of the big tree

Good thing I have a long neck;
If it’s the leaf I want, I’m lying down.

Mr. caterpillar replied:

Don’t worry about me, sir, I
can take care of myself.
When the
Giraffe looked up,
he saw a caterpillar at the top of the tree.
He was eating
fresh leaves on the
branches beyond his reach .
He wouldn’t leave for days.
The giraffe had understood his mistake.
Each creature has its own ability;
So he shouldn’t underestimate anyone.

Bird Tales


Once upon a time, there wasn’t one, a mother sparrow and four cute puppies. Sparrow grows its young in its nest in the hot summer months. During the day, she collects food for her offspring, returns to the nest a few times throughout the day and feeds the little ones. She sees her pups grow up and grow stronger every day and she rejoices.

Towards the fall, the pups are now grown up, hopping and jumping in the nest and testing their wings. One day, while they were trying their wings again, the wind suddenly took naughty pups and flew them out of the nest.

The mother sparrow was very upset when she could not see her cubs in the evening. He knew they were old enough to fly, but he was very upset that they left without giving advice on life, saying goodbye to them.

As the winter months approached, the mother sparrow saw four little sparrows flying towards her as she gathered feed in the field. He recognized his young immediately. After embracing them one by one, their mother asked them how they lived.

First he began to tell the oldest puppy:

I lived in the gardens, gathered worms. Then I ate cherries while they were cherries. After cherry, I was fed with pears. I’m never hungry.

– Moon baby! This life is very dangerous. Bad things can happen to those who are used to living with other things, the mother sparrow said.

Then he told the next puppy:

  • – I lived near the mansion. I collected the remains of rich people, the remains of the feeds given to the animals in the stables. I’ve always had good food.
  • – Moon baby! Living with wealth is good, but wealth and inferiority are always there. This life is very dangerous, saying the mother sparrow who have completed his promise.
  • Then told the third puppy:
  • – I’ve lived along the way. There’s always something there. I gathered them.

– Moon baby! Road heights are dangerous. Naughty children can throw stones at you while you’re collecting bait, Mama said.

It’s the smallest:

– Mom, I stayed in the woods. I found myself in the branches of the trees. I lived free, without harming anyone, without needing anybody. As I know it, it’s nice to live without being attached to anyone. I’m very happy with my life.

– Baby! You’re the smartest, even though you’re the youngest. The free, the needless in life, will find the happiest life. Your life must set an example for others, Mother.

Short Stories


Everyone knows what a magnifier is, a kind of eyeglass that magnifies everything a hundred times. Looking at a drop of water with a magnifying glass, thousands of small creatures appear. But with the naked eye, we can’t see any of them. But they are always in that water. Once upon a time there was a man named “giant uncle yaş who wanted to have everything that was beautiful and interesting, if he couldn’t get it, he would either go to the wizard or invent some kind of way to himself.

One day he took a magnifying glass and examined a drop of water invisible creatures in the water incessantly moving, leaping, hopping. He found it very interesting, but he thought of coloration to see it more clearly and dripped a red color. It was a sorcerer’s blood. Suddenly, the creatures in the water became pink. He compared these creatures to living things in a city. They keep pushing, fighting, tugging, and biting mercilessly. The following people want to go up and try to intimidate them all the time. “In fact, it’s just a drop of water, miş he said. “But it’s still an example of real life. Wouldn’t it be better if all living things looked at each other with love? finishes.

Giving Advices Short Stories


Once upon a time, an elephant family lived in one of the wooded corners of Africa. The youngest member of this family, the baby elephant, was very stubborn and naughty. The family was going to go for a walk once.
Gel Come with us, baba said the father elephant.
“No, I’m not going with you, in the stubborn elephant shook his head.
“Come, let’s go together, esi his mother said.
“No, I’m not.
Kardeş kardeş Come, leri his brothers said.
“No,” the baby elephant said.

The family left the little elephant alone to walk around. The baby elephant had fun alone for a while, but then he got bored. Now he’s very angry at the world. Sonra I don’t want to be an elephant anymore. It’s a bad thing to be a little elephant. Düşün Eki So what should I do? ”

At that time, the eye of a gazelle was jumping on the jump. “Let me be Ceylan,” he decided. He started to jump by imitating the gazelle. But his thick, soggy feet are stuck together. The nose fell to the ground!
Olmak It’s not that much fun to be a gazelle, geçir he thought. Im Let me be a monkey then! Miş He went to the trees with the monkeys.

He called to the monkey cubs jumping from branch to branch on the tree:
“From now on, I am the monkey!” The
monkeys descended from the tree to the little naughty elephant. They climbed on it, some pulled their ears, some hung on their tail, some threw coconut on their head.
Naughty elephant barely escaped through the monkeys! He ran into a colorful parrot on the way. The parrot was flying from tree to tree. You like your little elephant.

“I want to be a parrot, too. Can you teach me how to fly?.
“Of course I will! Pap said the parrot.
They went to the steep hillside along the lake. The parrot jumped forward so we could fly.
The elephant imitated it and left it down the slope. As the parrot flew with its wings, the naughty elephant cub rolled round headlong and crashed into the lake on his head. She was so scared in the mud, trying to save herself from the water.

When he landed with difficulty, he was covered in mud and ached all over.

“I think I should stay as an elephant cub, he thought. Then he started looking for his family. He wants to go for a ride with them now.

Forest Animals


Once upon a time, in the straw straw, camels and bellows while fleas barber, while I wait for grapes in the vineyard loads wood, while there was one. Once upon a time, at one of the ranches, there lived a horse with its owner. Come and go, this horse has become old and unable to work. He served the farm for many years, but because it didn’t work anymore, the owner let him out:

– yemek If you don’t work here, don’t eat, go quickly, don’t be a bad example to other animals! If you don’t want to go, I have a condition for taking you back to the farm, you have to do it.. The owner’s condition is that he ask his horse to bring a lion to his ranch.

The horse was very upset about this disloyalty of the owner and started to think black and white. He didn’t know where he was going. He lived in the farm for a long time and did not get too far from the farm, so he was afraid of not getting used to the natural life. Because he wasn’t as young and strong as before. Nevertheless, he went to the woods with his little hope in search of a happy, peaceful place. On his way down the forest road, he came across a cunning fox:

– “No, man, where are you going so sad?”


– “Ah oh, I do not worry, who should be upset,” he told the fox in the hearts. The fox immediately thought of a cunning and said:

Bil Know this has happened because you have only one thing to do to find a lion; “And when you lie under the tree, I’ll find you a lion and bring you a lion, don’t make a sound and move until I say.” The only purpose of the fox, known for his cunning, was to eliminate the lion and declare himself the new king of the forest. He immediately took advantage of this opportunity and decided to help the horse.
The horse, not even aware of the fox’s treacherous plan, immediately believed in this idea and lay under a tree. Does our cunning fox ever stop? He immediately went to the lion:

– “O great and noble king of the jungle lion nibs! I want my gospel. Finally, our fortune came to our feet. Come on, we’re fine again. ”And began to tell the lion’s cunning plan. At A horse fell and died there, lying under the tree. It is obviously a farm horse because it is quite fat and worthy of our mouths. We can have a feast for days.. Hearing this news, the lion’s eyes popped out of joy and the lion said:

“Very nice! I’ve been surprised by what I’ve been starving for days. Miş Thoroughly appetizing lion, licking his mouth with his tongue went to the tree. As he saw the horse, he wanted to jump on it, but the cunning fox immediately warned the lion:

“Your lordship, let’s take this hunt to your cave, we will eat there. If we start to eat here, hyenas and vultures will not give us any comfort

“You are so strong. I will tie the horse to your tail, and the horse will follow you when you go to the cave..
Although the lion is a bit suspicious:

“Well, as you say, I’ll pull the horse comes behind me.”
The fox tied the horse’s tail to the lion’s tail and leaned on the horse’s ear: “From me to here, the rest is up to you.”

The horse, as he stood up, started galloping towards the ranch. Whatever the lion did, he did not survive and dragged behind the horse to the ranch. The owner, who saw the horse holding the big lion by the tail, was ashamed of it. He hunted the lion and looked at the old horse for the rest of his life.

Short Stories


There was one, there was not one,
God’s crazy servants were many,
no madman than us.
One day, the king lion, the king of the
Aged, bedridden,
closed his house and sighed;
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey günler.
Yesterday’s baby lions began
to take advantage of his weakness;
those who saw him and hid, he was walking on the
horse came, kicked his belly,
Wolf came to bite his foot,
Ox came horned.
The lion is miserable, wounded, sad
yok He has no strength from old age to roar.
Oh woe is not for nothing,
Death waiting for the way.
He’s dead, he’s gonna die,
And what should he see? Ass!
He will come and kick the lion:
– No, he said to stand up,
We were willing to die , but enough;
Kicking from you is worse than death.

Short Stories


The tale of the lion’s palace One day, the lion king of the forests invited the animals in the forest to his palace. His purpose was to meet them and to discuss the problems of the forest.

The moon first came in and didn’t like the smell in the palace. Holding his nose with his hand and grimacing. Suddenly, Öffff said, or It smells really bad.. The lion, who was very angry at this, killed the bear that had disgraced his palace in a paw.

Secondly, because he saw the monkeys entering the palace, he said, “Your palace smells like a lot.. The lion was angry at the monkey. Exaggerating, thinking he wants to look cute to me, a monkey in the claw has finished.

The fox, seeing what happened to the bear and the monkey, could not say a word before the lion. This time the lion asked; Tell me, do you like my palace? How does it smell? Fox also struck the business cunning; Kral Mr. King, I have a cold these days, my nose does not smell. ”He said.

Lovely Ones


It was a hot summer day. The place was full of flowers and the air smelled miserly. Bee viz buzz over the field of flowers, saying cheerfully flying. It was so beautiful in the air that the daisy followed her with admiration. The bee tired of flying puts on the tree branch next to the daisy. Daisy wants to speak with the bee and calls out:

– How nice you fly. But I don’t have wings and I can’t see the beauty of the world like you. I just see the flowers around me. Can you pick me up one day and show me around? he says.

  • Bee looks at camomile with arrogant eyes and:
  • – How do I carry you? I can never pick you up and carry you. I get tired quickly, and what are you going to do with the beauties of the world? The daisy cries for days and the bee, who is very arrogant, has upset him. In fact, he could have taken the daisy and showed it around. But she chose to belittle her by being arrogant.
  • Months passed and the weather slowly cooled. The trees were falling and the flowers were fading. But the daisy had not shed its leaves. That day he sees the caller flying in the air and notices that he is looking for flowers to make honey. However, the only flower left there was daisy. He wants to be placed on the daisy and does not allow the daisy to be put. The bee, who is quite surprised about this situation, calls out to daisy:

– Why don’t you let me in? I need to make honey. ” Daisy reminds him of what he had done months ago. The bee who remembers the situation gets very angry and apologizes to the daisy. He turned down the daisy because of his arrogance, now he was in need of his own. Daisy forgives what the bee does, allows the bee to make honey and bees happy to be in this situation by taking the bee daisy begin to take off to show the world.

Forest Animals


Once upon a time, once in the griddle in the straw, when the giants bellman while the fleas barber, while I shake my grandmother’s cradle clattering … In one of the countries, a very intelligent parrot lived. He built a nest on a big tree with bushes and grass that he collected from right to left. A coyote raised his cubs in the hollow of the same tree. When the jackal occasionally went hunting, the parrot’s cubs were coming down. They were going into the cavity of the tree and playing with the coyote’s cubs. Because there was no one else to play around. The mother parrot was not pleased at all.

One day she gathered her young and began to counsel:

– My babies! Make friends with your own kind .. I’m afraid the jackal cubs will harm you. But the parrots did not listen to what their mother told them. Then again one night the coyote went away to find food. He left his cubs alone in the nest. Meanwhile, a wolf came and ate the coyote’s cubs. When the jackal returned, he could not find his young. He was very upset. He blamed the parrot’s offspring of what happened to his offspring.

– kurt If they hadn’t made that much noise, the wolf would never have found my cubs. I will avenge, and parrots will regret it. Di How to make a mischief, how to harm the parrot cubs thinking about his friend came to get ideas from Karakulak’tan. He came to Karakulak. Caracal told him;

– “Do you know what to do? Make yourself look wounded and see a hunter. Then drag him to this tree and hide. The hunter will hunt the parrots. Our coyote did as Karakulak said. He put the hunter after him, brought him to the tree, and when the hunter came near the tree, he hid. When the hunter lost the coyote, he looked around but could not find it. He saw the parrot nest at the top of the tree while the jackal searched. He immediately pulled the net out of his bag and threw it away. Alas! Poor parrots and their cubs stuck in the net.

Parrots were struggling, but they couldn’t escape from the net. The parrot tried to calm his worried offspring. Mother parrot;

– uğ What I feared happened to me. Look, the mother of the jackals you’ve been friends with has done this evil to us. Let’s do what happened once. Let’s take care of getting out of here. ”
– How? the baby parrots asked. Mother parrot replied:

– “Imitate dead, stand still. When you get rid of the net, fly away. When I get out, I’ll find you later. ”
-“ The pups did. The hunter pulled the net down. Then he opened the net and started looking at animals. The baby parrots were stiff as if frozen. Hunter, “I think they died of fear,” he threw them out of the net thinking. Baby parrots stood up from where they were thrown and flew quickly. The hunter who saw this was very angry. Hunter;

– ılar They played me, dedi he said angrily. The hunter took the parrot out of the net and took it to the city. He taught him to read poetry and sing. Then he showed that the parrot was very scholar and talkative. Everyone had heard the name of this parrot who read and sing poetry. The fame of the parrot was decided in the ears of the sultan. Man on;

– “Bring the parrot, let’s see his skills.” Upon this command, the hunter was found and brought to the palace. The Sultan loved the parrot who reads poems and sings. He bought it from the hunter, giving him his money. In the palace, the most delicious food, the sweetest fruits were offered to the parrot. But it was not peaceful at all. He was always sad and thoughtful. The Sultan noticed the sadness of the parrot who did not eat.

One day he saw his parrot cry by the window. He was singing and crying. She was thinking about her cubs again. Who knows where they were, what were they doing, losers? The compassionate heart of the sultan could not withstand this parrot’s cry. He brought it to him and asked him why. The parrot told us what the coyote had done, and wondered what his pups were doing. The Sultan was very upset about this situation and left the parrot. The parrot flew away, thanking it. When they found them, they all started to cry for joy. Then they lived happy. This is where our fairy tale ends.